NETH FM, a popular radio station in Sri Lanka, offers a diverse range of programming catering to various demographics. It endeavors to cater to a diverse audience by offering a wide range of programming that encompasses news, children’s content, entertainment, and lifestyle segments. It aims to promote awareness and facilitate informed discussions on various issues.

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NETH FM Programs

This radio station provides comprehensive news coverage, delivering the latest updates on local, national, and international events. These programs often include segments dedicated to politics, the economy, sports, and other current affairs. It prioritizes the delivery of timely, accurate, and comprehensive news coverage. It recognizes the importance of catering to young listeners and offers engaging children’s programs. These include storytelling sessions, educational content, quizzes, and interactive segments designed to entertain and educate young audiences.

The station offers a variety of entertainment shows aimed at providing listeners with a break from their daily routines. This includes music shows featuring popular songs across different genres, celebrity interviews, comedy segments, and discussions about movies, TV shows, and pop culture. It also airs lifestyle programs focusing on health, wellness, fashion, and relationships. These shows may feature experts offering advice and tips on various lifestyle topics, as well as discussions on trends and developments in these areas.


Overall, this radio station strives to offer a diverse range of programming that caters to the interests and preferences of its listeners, spanning from news and current affairs to entertainment, education, and lifestyle content. By offering insights, tips, and discussions on various aspects of contemporary living, the station aims to enrich the lives of its audience and foster a sense of community.


Country: Sri Lanka

Genre: news, children, entertainment, lifestyle

Language: Sinhalese


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