Shakthi FM is a popular radio station based in Sri Lanka that caters to a diverse audience with its Indian, soundtrack, and entertainment programs. With a focus on delivering high-quality content, the station offers a variety of shows and segments tailored to different tastes and preferences. The station is committed to offering a rich cultural experience, celebrating the vibrant music and entertainment scene of India while also resonating with the local Sri Lankan audience who share a deep appreciation for Indian culture.

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Shakthi FM Programs

One of the key features of Shakthi FM is its Indian programming, which includes music, news, and cultural content from various regions of India. Listeners can enjoy a wide range of Indian music genres such as Bollywood, classical, folk, and devotional songs, as well as stay updated with the latest news and events from India.

In addition to Indian content, the station also features a diverse soundtrack that encompasses both local and international music. From contemporary hits to timeless classics, the station ensures that there is something for everyone, regardless of their musical preferences. Entertainment programs form another integral part of the station’s lineup, offering listeners a mix of engaging talk shows, interviews, comedy segments, and interactive games. These programs aim to entertain and engage the audience while providing a platform for discussion on various topics of interest.

Shakthi FM Aim

Overall, this radio station stands out as a dynamic radio station that brings together Indian, soundtrack, and entertainment programs to entertain and inform its listeners in Sri Lanka and beyond. Through its diverse and engaging programming, the station continues to captivate audiences and enrich their listening experience.


Country: Sri Lanka

Genre: Indian, soundtrack, entertainment

Language: Tamil

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