Peru Folk Radio

Peru Folk Radio

Peru Folk Radio is an enthralling platform that celebrates the rich tapestry of traditional Peruvian music. This radio station takes listeners on a cultural journey through Peru’s diverse musical landscape, highlighting the country’s vibrant folk traditions. It helps to preserve traditional music and contributes to the nation’s cultural identity.

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Peru Folk Radio Programs

This radio station’s programming is carefully curated to highlight the various genres and styles that define Peruvian folk music. Listeners can expect to hear enchanting melodies, rhythmic beats, and soulful vocals that reflect the country’s multicultural heritage. From the highlands to the coasts, the radio station aims to capture the essence of Peru’s musical diversity. Performances by contemporary and classic Peruvian folk artists and groups are also included in the program, contributing to the preservation and promotion of Peruvian cultural heritage.

In addition to music, there are informative segments that delve into the history and significance of various folk traditions. These segments give listeners valuable insights into the cultural context of the music, fostering a deeper appreciation for Peru’s artistic legacy.

Peru Folk Radio Aim

This radio station serves as a musical ambassador, bringing the warmth and authenticity of Peruvian folk music to a global audience. The primary goal of this radio station is to showcase the country’s diverse and authentic folk music traditions. It builds a bridge between generations, encouraging understanding and appreciation for the rich cultural mosaic that defines Peru’s musical identity.


Country: Peru

Genre: Folk

Language: Spanish

Contact: +51 948 648 500

Peru Folk Radio

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