Peruana Radio

Peruana Radio

Peruana Radio is a dynamic and diverse Peruvian radio station with a broad programming goal that caters to a diverse audience. The station, specializes in a variety of music genres such as rock, pop, alternative, top 40, and hits. It aims to provide a comprehensive and engaging listening experience for music fans of all tastes.

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Peruana Radio Programs

This radio station caters to rock music fans by playing a mix of classic rock, contemporary rock, and possibly subgenres such as indie rock. These include a mix of classic rock, modern rock, indie rock, and possibly even punk or metal subgenres.

Pop music encompasses both contemporary and classic pop hits. With a focus on pop music, the station broadcasts popular and chart-topping hits. This includes everything from mainstream chart-toppers to more niche pop genres.

Alternative music frequently encompasses a diverse range of styles that fall outside of the mainstream. The inclusion of alternative music in the programming demonstrates the station’s commitment to providing a more diverse and eclectic musical selection. Indie, grunge, electronic, and experimental music are examples of this.

A Top 40 program indicates that the station plays the most recent and popular songs that are currently topping music charts. This keeps listeners up to date on the latest trends and hits from various music genres. The presence of dedicated hits programs suggests that the station curates playlists of the biggest and most popular songs. This could include current chart-toppers, all-time classics, and trending hits from various genres.

Peruana Radio Aim

Overall, it aspires to be a one-stop destination for music lovers by providing a diverse selection of genres, allowing listeners to experience a diverse musical journey. This strategy allows the station to reach a large audience while also providing entertainment and a sense of musical discovery to its listeners in Peru and potentially beyond.


Country: Peru

Genre: rock, pop, alternative, top40, hits

Language: Spanish

Peruana Radio