Proxima FM, The Musical Radio of the Pyrenees.

Listen to Proxima FM, the most prominent and popular radio from Andorra for music. Radio station offers dynamic entertainment through top music, providing a rich tapestry of entertainment. This is a radio station based in Andorra la Vella, the capital of Andorra. It broadcasts on 89.1/94.6 MHz FM and online.


Proxima FM, founded in 2017, was launched by Jordi Martínez as the first independent radio station in Andorra. With a team of professionals, it offers an innovative approach to the radio landscape. Proxima FM has gained popularity and recognition among the radio listeners and media sector of Andorra.


Proxima FM’s mission is to enrich listeners’ lives through exceptional radio content, delivering high-quality programming that educates, entertains, and inspires through education, entertainment, and inspiration. Target audience: 25-year-old students and professionals.


It’s part of the radio network with the most coverage in Lleida and the Pyrenees. The radio broadcasts music for young listeners, for those who feel young from morning to night. Proxima FM is “Where hits are born“. Because nowhere else in Andorra will you find a radio that innovates and investigates current music trends so deeply. It presents you with the songs that will succeed tomorrow. 24 hours with the latest hits in international pop-rock, combined with outstanding classics from the 90s and 80s, this is the perfect online radio for a full on musical extravaganza. It covers Andorran folk music, Catalan music, Spanish music, and international pop music.

The Pròxima network offers various programs, including morning shows like Pròxima Matí, midday shows like Pròxima Migdia, afternoon shows like Pròxima Tarda, night shows like Pròxima Nit, and weekend shows like Pròxima Weekend. These shows cover news, weather, traffic, music, culture, and lifestyle, with each airing from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 10:00. The network also hosts a night show called Pròxima Nit, which plays the best rock, pop, and heavy metal hits.


The station is staffed by experienced DJs, musicians, and other cultural figures. Proxima FM’s success mostly relies on its talented presenters, who bring charisma and expertise to the airwaves, creating memorable shows with standout presenters like:

  • Jordi MartínezLaura Sánchez
  • David García
  • Albert Pérez
  • Anna Soler

Proxima FM offers diverse programming, charismatic presenters, and a strong mission, making it an exceptional choice for young listeners and from all backgrounds. Committed to serving Andorra people and providing quality radio programming for years to come.



FaceBook: cadenapirenaica

Language: Catalan

Contact Number: +376 732 000

Address: Av. Príncep Benlloch 24, Encamp, Andorra

Proxima FM
Proxima FM
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