Radio La Veu, A Premier Radio Station From Andorra.

La Veu Andorra Radio is a prominent radio station located in the principality of Andorra. It broadcasts a wide variety of programs that appeal to listeners of all ages.


La Veu Andorra Radio aims to provide accurate, timely information and entertainment for the Andorran community. They aim to inform, entertain, and promote culture through diverse music and entertainment programs, catering to various tastes and preserving Andorran culture through dedicated programs.


Radio La Veu offers a diverse programming mix, including news, music, sports, talk shows, and cultural content. Its special programs, like “La Veu dels Joves,” provide a platform for young people to express their views. The station promotes Andorran culture and identity, providing up-to-date information on local, national, and international news. Music programming includes Andorran folk, Catalan, Spanish, and international pop, while talk shows cover politics, current affairs, and culture. Cultural programming covers Andorran history, art, and literature.

The popular programs include –

  • La Veu del Matí,
  • La Veu de l’Esport,
  • La Veu de la Cultura,
  • La Veu de la Nit.

La Veu de Matí is a morning show featuring information, interviews, debates, and humor, while La Veu de l’Esport covers Andorran and international sports news. Then, La Veu de la Cultura features interviews, reviews, and recommendations of books, movies, music, theater, and art. La Veu de la Nit is a night show playing music from various genres and eras.

History & Mission:

Its history dates back to 2019, when it was founded by journalists and media professionals. Their aim was to inform, educate, entertain, and connect with listeners in Andorra. Since then, it broadcasts a diverse content that reflects interests and needs of Andorra’s radio listeners, making it one of the most listened to stations in the country.

Radio La Veu significantly impacts Andorran culture and identity, promoting local music, culture and traditions, and remains committed to quality radio programming for years to come.

Website: noticies-la-veu


FaceBook: radiolaveutv

YouTube: RadioLaVeuTV

Language: Catalan

Contact Number: +34 661 43 04 09

PlayStore: LaVeuandorra

Radio La Veu