Radio FamaStar

Radio FamaStar

Radio FamaStar is a music and entertainment beacon in Angola. Welcome to the world of Radio FamaStar, Angola’s leading radio station, which has won millions of hearts with its great content, skilled presenters, and rich history.


A group of Angolan businesspeople created Radio FamaStar in 2003. On May 26, 2003, the station had its maiden transmission. Fama Star immediately became one of Angola’s most popular radio stations, and it has continued to become more popular with support from thousands of listeners. It core vision is to give its listeners high-quality radio programs on entertainment and information. It has gained tremendous popularity over these years and now, it’s a household name in Angola.

Radio FamaStar’s Programs:

The programming of the station is focused towards a youthful, urban audience. It airs a combination of local and foreign pop music, news, discussion shows, and sports programming. Radio FamaStar also includes a variety of popular shows devoted to various musical genres such as kizomba, kuduro, and hip hop.

Radio FamaStar airs a wide range of programming, including:

  • FamaStar Top 20
  • FamaStar News
  • FamaStar Talk
  • FamaStar Sports
  • FamaStar Kizomba
  • FamaStar Kuduro
  • FamaStar Hip Hop


Radio FamaStar has a staff of experienced and skilled presenters that are committed to giving their listeners with great entertainment and information. The station’s presenters are among Angola’s most popular and well-known individuals. Holaio Manuel Tito, Marcelo Sekesseke, and Tive Doh Murro Tive are among them. These presenters are well-known for their engaging personalities and ability to connect with their audiences.

Radio Fama Star is one of the most popular radio stations in Angola. It has a huge social media following and one of the most popular websites in the country. The station also plays an important role in the Angolan music industry, having assisted numerous of the country’s top artists in establishing their careers.


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Language: Portuguese


Cell: +44 7585 906243

Radio FamaStar
Radio FamaStar
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