Rádio Muzangala is a popular radio station in Angola that has been entertaining its listeners for many years. Rádio Muzangala places a high value on youth empowerment. It’s a platform for young people to express their important problems on matters like education, jobs, and social justice. In addition, the station promotes Angolan culture and tradition. It’s a radio for youth to express themselves, discuss ideas, and learn about the world around them. The station is also an excellent source for entertainment and information to Angola’s youth.

Rádio Muzangala: The Voice of Angolan Youth

Muzangala’s History:

Catala Jnior established Rádio Muzangala as a side project, using his own equipment and software to play music online. He quickly understood that there was a need for a radio station that catered to the different preferences and interests of Angolan youth, whom the mainstream media frequently ignored.

He made the decision to invest in more professional equipment and engage a staff of outstanding presenters, producers, and technicians to develop a radio station that would provide its listeners with great programming and enjoyment. Then, he soon registered the radio station and obtained a radio license from Angola’s Ministry of Social Communication.

Since then, Rádio Muzangala has become one of the most popular online radio stations in Angola and abroad. It’s reaching millions of listeners through its website, mobile app and social media platforms. It has also established partnerships with other media outlets, such as Radio Ecclesia, RFI Português and Som News Angola.

Programs of Radio Muzangala

Rádio Muzangala provides a vast choice of programs to appeal to its listeners’ different interests. The station’s music programming are very popular, featuring a wide range of genres such as jazz, hip hop, and traditional Angolan music. The channel also broadcasts news, chat shows, and sports coverage. Its most popular programs include:

  • Paixão & Música: A romantic program that plays love songs and dedications from the listeners.
  • Muzangala News: A news program that informs the listeners about the latest events and developments in Angola and around the world.
  • Muzangala Mix: A program that mixes different music styles and genres, creating a unique and dynamic sound.
  • Muzangala Top 10: A program that counts down the top 10 songs of the week, based on the votes of the listeners.
  • Muzangala Live: A program that features live performances and interviews with local and international artists.


Rádio Muzangala has a team of charismatic and professional presenters who interact with the listeners and keep them entertained with their humor, knowledge and passion. Some of the presenters are:

  • Almir Da Silva Souza: A Brazilian presenter who hosts Paixão & Música and Muzangala News. He is fluent in Portuguese and English and has a background in journalism.
  • Issa Osorio Osòrio: An Angolan presenter who hosts Muzangala Mix and Muzangala Live. He is an avid music fan and has a degree in audiovisual production.
  • Salote Mussivi: An Angolan presenter who hosts Muzangala Top 10 and Muzangala News. She is a former model and singer who has a keen sense of fashion and style.
  • Morgana Oliveira: A Brazilian presenter who hosts Paixão & Música and Muzangala Live. She is a former dancer and actress who has a charming personality and a sweet voice.


Rádio Muzangala is Angola’s leading internet radio station. It is an excellent source of amusement and knowledge for young Angolans. The station is dedicated to giving young people a forum to express themselves and share their opinions.

Website: www.radiomuzangala.com

Facebook:  Radio.Muzangala

Twitter: @radiomuzangala

Language: Portuguese

Email: radio@muzangala.com

Cell: +244 943 570 710

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