Radio Homer

Radio Homer

Radio Homer is a popular Montenegrin radio station that broadcasts a wide variety of programs, particularly focusing on pop music and news updates. While its primary focus is on pop music and news, the station attempts to suit the preferences and information needs of its listeners by achieving many goals. It is one of Montenegro’s most popular 24-hour radio stations. It only transmits in Serbian.

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Radio Homer Programs

This radio station broadcasts a wide range of pop music, appealing to listeners who appreciate modern hits, chart-topping singles, and popular tracks by both local and foreign performers. The station’s music selection will most likely comprise pop, rock, R&B, and potentially some electronic and dance music.

In addition to music, it is committed to keeping its audience up to date on current events and news. This may include Montenegrin news, regional updates, and even international news highlights. They also cover a wide range of issues, such as politics, culture, sports, and more.

This station frequently interacts with the community. These shows include interviews with local celebrities, conversations about community issues, and notifications about upcoming events and activities in the area.

Radio Homer Aim

This radio station appears to be a dynamic station that combines the draw of pop music with the informational quality of news reporting, offering its audience a well-rounded listening experience. It seeks to portray Montenegro’s and the region’s unique musical diversity. It places a premium on broadcast quality, ensuring that both music and news programming satisfy high standards. Because of this, its information reaches a large and diversified audience.


Country: Montenegro

Genre: pop, news

Language: Serbian

Address: 81000 Podgorica, Crna Gora

Contact: +382 20 221 882

Radio Homer

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