Radio Renome

Radio Renome

Radio Renome in Montenegro is a renowned radio station recognized for its broad programming, notably in the genres of folk and romantic music. The station’s music programming spans a wide range of folk music types and subgenres. The station’s goal is to improve listeners’ moods and generate feelings of love and nostalgia. It is one of the most popular 24-hour radio stations in Montenegro. It transmits in Serbian.

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Radio Renome Programs

This radio station is well-known for its large and diverse library of folk music. Here, folk music shows celebrating Montenegro’s and the Balkan region’s cultural history are regularly broadcast. These programs offer traditional melodies, songs, and instrumental performances that appeal to listeners who value the authenticity and deep roots of folk music. Each session focuses on a different type or musician, delivering a well-rounded listening experience.

This radio station also devotes a substantial amount of time to romantic songs. Listeners who adore love ballads, romantic classics, and contemporary romantic hits will enjoy these shows. These programs have been meticulously designed to create a relaxing and romantic mood. It welcomes folk and romantic music performers for live performances and interviews on occasion.

Radio Renome Aim

This radio station contributes to the preservation and development of Montenegrin and Balkan cultural traditions. It provides a forum for local folk artists to demonstrate their ability and for listeners to connect with their cultural heritage. It is a well-known radio station that broadcasts a wide variety of folk and romantic music programming. Its dedication to celebrating regional folk traditions and offering romantic tunes makes it a beloved source of pleasure for its listeners.


Country: Montenegro

Genre: folk, romantic

Address: Podgorica, Montenegro

Contact: +382 67 415 020


Radio Renome
Radio Renome
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