Radio Antena M

Radio Antena M

Radio Antena M is a renowned Montenegrin broadcasting station recognized for its comprehensive news coverage, interesting conversation shows, and instructional programs. This radio station, founded with the objective of providing up-to-date information and excellent programming to its listeners, has become a trusted source of news and entertainment in the region. It is broadcasting for the people and listeners of Montenegro. Listeners from all over the world can tune in to this station, which broadcasts in Serbian.

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This radio station is proud of its comprehensive and timely news coverage. It covers national and international news, politics, economy, culture, sports, and other issues. It keeps the Montenegrin people up to date with current affairs.

The station has a diversified schedule of talk shows with skilled hosts and guests discussing a wide range of topics. These talk shows frequently dive into critical societal topics, allowing for constructive dialogue and debate. Politics and social issues, as well as health, education, and lifestyle, are all possible topics.

This radio station also broadcasts instructive and educational programming. These parts address a variety of themes, including health & wellness, technology, travel, and culture. Listeners can tune in to get useful insights and practical knowledge on a variety of topics.


This radio station is well-known for its dedication to journalistic honesty and ethics. It upholds high ethical standards, ensuring that its news coverage is balanced and unbiased. This commitment to responsible journalism has earned the trust of its audience, establishing it as a trustworthy source of information in Montenegro. Its dedication to high-quality broadcasting and diverse programming make it a useful resource for the local community and beyond.


Country: Montenegro

Genre: news, talk, information

Language: Serbian

Address: Đoka Miraševića 59, Podgorica

Contact: +382 20 66 42 84

Radio Antena M
Radio Antena M
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