Radio D plus

Radio D plus

Radio D plus from Montenegro is a vibrant station offering a diverse range of music catering to various tastes. With a blend of pop, folk, and hits, it creates an engaging atmosphere for listeners. The station seeks to appeal to a broad demographic, ensuring that listeners can enjoy a variety of music genres throughout the day.

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Radio D plus Programs

Throughout the day, you can expect to hear catchy pop tunes from both local and international artists, keeping you updated with the latest hits and trends in the music world. These songs are carefully selected to uplift the mood and keep the energy high. Interwoven with the pop beats are folk melodies, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Montenegro. Folk music adds a unique flavor to the station, offering listeners a glimpse into the traditional music scene of the region.

Whether you’re a fan of contemporary pop hits or enjoy the nostalgia of folk music, the station ensures a dynamic listening experience with its diverse playlist. Tune in to groove to the latest chart-toppers, sway to folk rhythms, and enjoy the best of both worlds on this lively radio station.

Radio D plus Aim

The aim is to keep listeners entertained and engaged by playing popular songs across multiple genres, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s the latest chart-topping hits, beloved folk melodies, or catchy pop tunes, Radio D plus strives to deliver a vibrant and dynamic listening experience to its audience in Montenegro and beyond.


Country: Montenegro

Genre: pop

Language: Srpski

Radio D plus