Radio lclhst: A Digital Platform for Electronic Music

Radio lclhst is an online radio station that broadcasts electronic music for global radio listeners.  Listeners from across the globe can tune in and enjoy its class leading electronic musical programs.  The station has a growing audience of electronic music fans from all over the world.


A group of music lovers who wanted to provide a platform to spread their passion of electronic music to the globe created the station in 2020. The initials of the station’s founders—Lenny, Carl, Lisa, Homer, Selma, and Troy—were used to create the name. Radio lclhst has been broadcasting online ever since its inception.


Being the top digital platform for electronic music is Radio lclhst’s goal. The goal of the station is to unite electronic music enthusiasts from across the world and to promote electronic music. The station aims to promote electronic music as an art form, inspiring listeners with its diverse sounds, providing high-quality content, and supporting emerging and established artists in the genre.


The station offers various electronic music programs, including Minimal Mondays, Techno Tuesdays, Electro Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays, Freaky Fridays, Saturday Night Fever, and Sunday Chill. These shows cater to different tastes and preferences of electronic music listeners. The popular programs include Minimal Mondays, which showcases minimal music, Techno Tuesdays, which explores techno styles, Electro Wednesdays, which plays the latest electro tracks, Throwback Thursdays, which revisits electronic music classics, Freaky Fridays, Saturday Night Fever, which features live sets, and Sunday Chill.


The station has gained a loyal fan base, praised for its quality and diversity of content, and received positive feedback from critics and industry experts. It has also positively impacted the electronic music scene in the Bahamas by supporting new talents.

Radio lclhst is an online platform for electronic music enthusiasts, serving as a community of passionate listeners. It provides a platform for expression, exploration, and entertainment, serving as a source of inspiration and entertainment for global listeners.


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