100 JAMZ: The No.1 Station In The Nation

This is the ultimate premier radio station for radio fans of the Bahamas. The vision is to create a radio where music transcends boundaries, uniting people from all backgrounds, delivering the latest in music, entertainment, and information.


100 JAMZ aims to create a world where music transcends boundaries, uniting people from all backgrounds. It delivers the latest music, entertainment, and information while fostering community and togetherness, redefining the way people experience music and entertainment on the airwaves.

The People’s Choice. Where Hit Music Lives!

Captivating Programs:

100 JAMZ’s success is attributed to its diverse and captivating programs, offering something for everyone from early morning shows to late-night sessions.

100 JAMZ hosts various programs, including the Wake Up and Go Morning Show, The Bomb, Reality, After Party, and Thunderstorm. The Wake Up and Go Morning Show features news, weather, and interviews with local celebrities. The Bomb features the latest urban music hits and interviews with artists. Reality is an afternoon show with a mix of urban music and talk, while The After Party features dancehall and soca music and party mixes. The Thunderstorm is a mix show with exclusive interviews with top artists.


100 JAMZ’s presenters, known for their charisma and passion, create a unique connection with listeners that transcends the confines of radio. The presenters of 100 JAMZ are some of the most popular and well-known personalities in The Bahamas. They include:

  • DJ Fines
  • Kendra Rigby
  • DJ Fusion
  • DJ Speedy
  • DJ Big Guy
  • DJ Pressure


100 JAMZ significantly influences Bahamian music scene. It promotes local talent, showcasing artists, supporting community events, and raising awareness of important issues.


100 JAMZ, the most popular radio station in The Bahamas, has a listenership of over 100,000 people and is available in major cities, towns, online, and on mobile devices. As of today, 2023-09-10, 100 JAMZ is still the most popular radio station in The Bahamas. It continues to play a vital role in the Bahamian music scene and is a major supporter of community events.

100 JAMZ is a prominent Bahamian radio station, promoting Bahamian music and culture globally, ensuring a high-quality radio experience for its listeners.

Website: 100jamz.com

Email: jamzuncut@gmail.com

FaceBook: 100Jamz

Twitter: @100Jamz242

Language: English

Contact Number: +1 242-356-1003

Address: Nassau City, The Bahamas.

100 JAMZ