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ZNS Bahamas is the national broadcasting corporation of the Bahamas, operating radio and television stations across the archipelago. Furthermore, ZNS stands for Zephyr Nassau Sunshine, the original name of the radio station that was founded in 1937. Owned by the Bahamas government, it aims to be the top provider of quality information, education, entertainment, and public service programming to the Bahamian people and the world.

“Only the sun covers The Bahamas better”


Sir Harry Oakes, a Canadian millionaire and philanthropist, donated a radio transmitter to the Bahamas’ government in 1937. This marked the beginning of ZNS Bahamas’ long and colorful history. On December 24, 1937, the first broadcast was made using the transmitter. Zephyr Nassau Sunshine, or simply ZNS, was the station’s name.

The Rotary Club of Nassau initially staffed ZNS with volunteers who broadcast news, music, and entertainment to listeners. For the Allied forces in the area during World War II, ZNS developed into a crucial information and propaganda resource. ZNS relocated to a larger space on Hawkins Hill in 1942, and it still resides there today.

Later it expanded its activities to include television transmission in 1950 when it was made a public corporation under the transmission Corporation Act. ZNS joined the newly independent Bahamas Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in 1973. In 1992, the BBC changed its name to Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (BCB).

ZNS has expanded throughout time. It encompasses a number of radio and television stations spread out across the islands. ZNS has covered extensively all major historical events in the Bahamas, such as storms, elections, referendums, celebrations, and crises.


ZNS Bahamas aims to be the top provider of quality information, education, entertainment, and public service programming, upholding core values of integrity, excellence, innovation, accountability, and teamwork.


ZNS Bahamas offers various programs, including ZNS News, which airs every hour.  ZNS Sports, this show covers local and international sporting events. Then ZNS Entertainment, which features music, interviews, and celebrity news, Special talk show ZNS Talk every Sunday morning, and also, ZNS Community Forum, its a weekly discussion show on community-related issues.


ZNS Bahamas has a team of experienced and knowledgeable presenters. They are committed to provide high-quality programs that inform, educates, and entertains the Bahamian people. They deliver its programs with professionalism and passion.


ZNS Bahamas is a broadcaster that significantly impacts the society and culture of the Bahamas, reaching millions of viewers and listeners. It provides reliable information, education, entertainment, and public service programming, promoting social and economic development, national unity, and preserving the cultural heritage of the Bahamian people. ZNS Bahamas also serves as a watchdog for democracy and good governance, providing a platform for diverse opinions and perspectives.

ZNS Bahamas is one of the most popular radio and television stations in The Bahamas. It has a wide listenership and viewership, and is especially popular among older Bahamians.

This is a respected and popular Bahamian media station, has been serving The Bahamas for over 80 years, providing news, information, and entertainment, making it a vital part of the lives of many Bahamians.

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