Radio Sevan is a renowned Lebanese radio station recognized for its diverse programming. This radio station caters to a wide range of interests and demographics. This station broadcasts a wide range of content, including pop music, news, talk shows, folk music, and programming in Armenian. It is an online radio station broadcasting from Lebanon. It is broadcast in the Armenian language.

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Radio Sevan Programs

This radio station broadcasts a variety of contemporary and popular music, including international and regional hits. As a trustworthy source of information, this website delivers current news from Lebanon, the region, and throughout the world. Their coverage of current events, politics, economics, social issues, and other topics of interest keeps their listeners informed.

This radio station, which embraces Lebanon’s and the neighboring regions’ rich cultural heritage, devotes time to broadcasting traditional and current folk music. This contains music from diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultures, giving a platform for preserving and promoting the diversity of the region’s musical traditions.

Given Lebanon’s substantial Armenian minority, this channel provides content in Armenian. This includes music, news, chat shows, and other cultural programs that appeal to the Armenian-speaking audience, acting as a bridge between the community and the greater Lebanese population.

Radio Sevan Aim

Radio Sevan’s eclectic programming attracts a wide audience by presenting a combination of entertainment, information, and cultural content that reflects Lebanon’s dynamic and lively character and multicultural community.


Country: Lebanon

Genre: pop, news, talk, folk, Armenian

Language: Armenian

Radio Sevan
Radio Sevan
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