Voice of Grace is a Christian radio or broadcasting station based in Lebanon that focuses on gospel, religious teachings, and preaching content. This station is committed to spreading the Christian message and to inspiring and uplifting its listeners through various forms of media. It offers religious teachings that delve into Christianity’s core beliefs and doctrines. The Bible, prayer, faith, love, forgiveness, and other spiritual principles may be covered in these teachings.

Voice Of Grace’s official website – www.antiochpatriarchate.org/radio.php

Voice Of Grace Programs

This radio station plays a wide variety of Christian music, including contemporary Christian songs, traditional hymns, and worship music. The music is carefully chosen to create an atmosphere of worship and spiritual reflection. Gospel messages centered on Jesus Christ’s life, teachings, death, and resurrection are broadcasted here. These messages are intended to bring hope, encouragement, and transformation into the lives of those who hear them.

This station broadcasts sermons and preaching from various Christian pastors, preachers, and evangelists. Listeners may be able to submit prayer requests to the station, and intercessors from the Voice of Grace community may pray for those specific needs.

Voice Of Grace Aim

This radio station is dedicated to spreading the message of God’s love and grace. It is a platform for believers to deepen their faith and reach out to individuals seeking spiritual nourishment and guidance on their Christian faith journey. It offers religious teachings that delve into Christianity’s core beliefs and doctrines. Listeners from all over the world can tune in to this Arabic-language radio station.


Country: Lebanon

Genre: Christian, gospel, religious, preaching

Language: Arabic

Voice Of Grace
Voice Of Grace
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Contact Details

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Antiochpatriarchate.org
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AntiochPatriarchate1