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radio strike

Radio Strike from Iran is a vibrant and dynamic radio station. Here broadcasts a wide variety of music, with a focus on dance and pop genres. It has grown in popularity among music fans who enjoy energetic beats, catchy melodies, and the latest dance and pop music hits. It is being broadcast in Persian. This radio station broadcasts from Lebanon.

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This radio station is well-known for having a large selection of dance music. This station caters to dance music fans’ tastes, playing everything from high-energy electronic dance tracks to groovy tunes that make you want to move.

In addition to its commitment to dance music, it devotes a significant portion of its airtime to pop music. This includes a diverse range of chart-topping hits and catchy melodies by established and emerging pop artists. The station strives to provide an engaging and entertaining selection of pop songs, whether it’s mainstream pop or niche sub-genres.

This radio station ensures global appeal by featuring both international and Iranian artists. This dedication to promoting local talent provides a platform for aspiring musicians and allows listeners to discover new and exciting music.

Radio Strike Aim

This radio station serves as a pulsating hub for dance and pop music enthusiasts, showcasing a diverse range of beats and melodies that cater to its audience’s diverse tastes. The station has successfully carved a niche in the Iranian music scene and beyond by combining international hits with local talent and interactive engagement. This increases listener engagement and strengthens the station’s relationship with its audience.


Country: Lebanon and Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran)

Genre: dance, pop

Language: Persian

radio strike
Radio Strike
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