Radio SWH Rock

Radio SWH Rock

Radio SWH Rock is a popular radio station based in Latvia that delivers a high-energy blend of rock music and entertaining programming. It primarily focuses on promoting Latvian and Baltic rock music; it also showcases international artists and bands, providing a global perspective on the rock genre. This blend of local and international content enriches the listening experience and exposes listeners to a wide range of musical influences.

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Radio SWH Rock Programs

The station offers a diverse selection of rock music, spanning various sub-genres such as classic rock, alternative rock, hard rock, and more. Whether it’s iconic hits from legendary bands or the latest tracks from emerging artists, the station ensures a dynamic playlist that caters to rock enthusiasts of all tastes.

In addition to music, it broadcasts engaging entertainment programs that keep listeners entertained throughout the day. These programs include lively discussions on rock culture, interviews with musicians, reviews of new albums, and insights into the latest trends in the rock music scene.

The station encourages listener interaction through features such as song requests, shoutouts, and dedications. This interactive element enhances the sense of community among rock music fans, allowing them to connect with the radio hosts. It also keeps listeners informed of the latest news, events, and updates from the world of rock music.

Radio SWH Rock Aim

It serves as a vibrant hub for rock music enthusiasts in Latvia, offering a perfect blend of great music, entertaining content, and community engagement. Whether tuning in during the morning commute or unwinding after a long day, listeners can count on this radio station to deliver a-rockin’ good time.


Country: Latvia

Genre: Rock


Radio SWH Rock