XO FM Radio from Latvia is a prominent radio station. This radio station specializes in offering its listeners a diverse variety of blues and jazz music. This station serves to music fans that appreciate the soulful and engaging sounds of different genres, with a broad and eclectic playlist. Whether you’ve been a lifelong fan of blues and jazz or are just getting started, this Latvian radio station guarantees an interesting and pleasurable musical experience.  It is streaming in the Latvian language.

XO FM official website – xo.fm/

XO FM Programs

Blues, a genre based on African-American traditions, is known for its emotive and expressive music. This radio station is generally distinguished by melancholy lyrics and soul-stirring guitar solos. This radio station gives listeners a taste of both historic blues legends and modern blues musicians. Here you can find a colorful blend that appeals to a wide audience.

Jazz, famed for its improvisational character and rich harmonies, is also a major focus of this Radio. This station features a diverse repertoire that includes conventional jazz, smooth jazz, bebop, fusion, and other sub-genres. Jazz fans can expect to hear great jazz musicians from the past and present, as well as up-and-coming musicians making their mark on the field of music.


This radio station strives to offer a relaxing and laid-back environment in which listeners may unwind, relax, and immerse themselves in the fascinating melodies of blues and jazz. This station’s tailored playlists, skillfully selected tunes, and engaging DJs make it a must-listen for music fans seeking the timeless appeal of these two popular genres.


Country: Latvia

Genre: blues, jazz

language: Latvian


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