Radio Trionphe Universel

Radio Trionphe Universel

Radio Trionphe Universel, based in France, is a unique broadcasting station that caters to a diverse audience with its focus on Christian and gospel music, along with adult contemporary genres. The station aims to uplift and inspire its listeners through spiritually enriching and melodically soothing content. With a focus on uplifting and inspiring content, the station seeks to cater to listeners who appreciate Christian values and enjoy music that speaks to the soul.

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Radio Trionphe Universel Programs

The station places a strong emphasis on Christian and gospel music, offering a variety of songs that span traditional hymns, contemporary Christian hits, and gospel choirs. This selection aims to provide spiritual nourishment and encouragement to its audience. Interspersed between songs, listeners can hear motivational talks, Bible readings, and sermons from various Christian leaders and pastors. Special shows dedicated to gospel legends, contemporary Christian artists, and thematic playlists that align with religious holidays or events.

Complementing its Christian and gospel offerings, the station also plays adult contemporary music, which includes a mix of soft rock, pop, and easy listening tracks. This genre is chosen to appeal to a broader audience, providing a relaxing and enjoyable listening experience that is both familiar and fresh. It also strives to build a strong community among its listeners by offering Interactive Programs, Social Media Presence, Events and Concerts.

Radio Trionphe Universel Aim

It aims to provide a diverse range of programming centered around Christian, gospel, and adult contemporary music. It serves as a platform for listeners to engage with uplifting content that aligns with their Christian beliefs while also offering a space for reflection, inspiration, and connection within the broader community.


Country: France

Genre: Christian, gospel, adult contemporary

Language: French

Radio Trionphe Universel