Radio Waka Waka

Radio Waka Waka

Listen to Radio Waka Waka Online. This is an online radio station based in Cotonou, Benin. It aims to promote the diversity and richness of Benin and African culture. And to connect with the diaspora around the world. Radio Waka Waka is a cultural and musical powerhouse, significantly impacting the broadcasting landscape of Benin.

History of Radio Waka Waka:

Radio Waka Waka was founded in 2019 by a group of young Beninese entrepreneurs who wanted to create a platform for African artists and talents. The name “Waka Waka” means “do it” in Swahili, and it reflects the station’s vision of empowering and inspiring its listeners. The station’s slogan is “The Voice of Africa”.

This is the 1st associative Web radio in Africa, which offers a platform for listening and downloading flagship FM radio programs in the form of a podcast.


The station’s mission is to “provide a platform for African voices to be heard and to promote African culture and creativity.” It broadcasts a variety of programs, including news, music, talk shows, and educational programming. It seeks to provide a space where artists, musicians, and cultural enthusiasts can come together to share their stories, experiences, and talents.


Radio Waka Waka offers diverse music selection, cultural exchange hub, and comprehensive news coverage, broadcasting classical melodies to contemporary chart-toppers. The station’s slogan is “The Voice of Africa”.

It significantly impacts the African continent by raising awareness, promoting African culture, and connecting people globally. It also serves as a valuable resource for education and solar energy information.

Radio Waka Waka offers various programs, including Waka Morning, Waka Mix, Waka Sports, Waka Culture, Waka Gospel, and Waka Reggae. These shows cover music, news, weather, traffic, interviews, and tips for a good start to the day. Waka Mix features African and international music, while Waka Sports covers sports news and results. Waka Culture showcases African culture, while Waka Gospel plays inspirational gospel music from Africa and beyond.


Radio Waka Waka’s presenters are passionate advocates for music and culture, creating a welcoming and immersive experience for listeners with distinctive voices and warm personalities.

Some of its popular hosts are – DJ Kofi, Nadia, Samuel, Esther, and Bob. DJ Kofi is a veteran DJ and music producer with a charismatic personality, while Nadia is a journalist and cultural activist with a passion for African arts and culture. Samuel is a former professional footballer known for expert analysis and commentary on sports events. Esther is a gospel singer and songwriter with a powerful voice, while Bob is a reggae enthusiast and collector with a vast knowledge of reggae history and culture.

Radio Waka Waka is a popular station, with listeners in over 50 countries. It is a valuable resource for African communities and a powerful force for positive change.


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Radio Waka Waka
Radio Waka Waka
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