Sequence FM

Sequence FM

Sequence FM from France is a radio station that uniquely combines talk segments with an eclectic soundtrack, offering listeners a diverse and engaging experience. It offers a refreshing alternative to traditional radio stations by seamlessly integrating talk and music. Its unique format appeals to a broad audience, making it a popular choice for those seeking both entertainment and enlightenment from their radio experience.

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Sequence FM Programs

The talk segments on the station cover a variety of topics, ranging from current events and news to lifestyle, culture, and interviews with interesting personalities. The discussions are often insightful, thought-provoking, and relevant to the interests of the station’s audience. The hosts are typically knowledgeable and charismatic, guiding listeners through the topics with wit and charm.

Complementing the talk segments is the station’s carefully curated soundtrack. The soundtrack is carefully curated to reflect the mood and theme of the talk segments, creating a seamless blend of dialogue and music. The station prides itself on its diverse musical selection, blending different genres and eras to create a rich and dynamic playlist. Whether it’s jazz, electronic, rock, or world music, the station aims to provide something for everyone.

Sequence FM Aim

This radio station aims to create a dynamic and engaging platform where talk and music come together harmoniously. By combining thought-provoking discussions with a carefully curated soundtrack, it aims to offer a multi-dimensional listening experience that appeals to a wide audience.


Country: France

Genre: talk, soundtrack

Language: French

Sequence FM
Sequence FM
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