32 FM 94.9

32 FM 94.9

FM 94.9, a popular radio station in Nigeria, offers a diverse range of programs catering to various interests. It offers a well-rounded radio experience, blending news, music, comedy, sports, and entertainment to cater to the diverse tastes of its audience in Nigeria.

Its official website – thirtytwofm.com.ng

FM 94.9 Programs

Throughout the day, the station keeps its audience informed with timely news bulletins, covering local, national, and international news stories. These updates provide listeners with essential information on current events, politics, economy, and more. The station plays a selection of the latest and greatest pop hits, keeping listeners entertained with catchy tunes and chart-toppers. From pop sensations to rising stars, it ensures that its music lineup reflects the vibrant and dynamic world of popular music.

Laughter is guaranteed with FM 94.9’s lineup of comedy programs. Featuring talented comedians and humorous sketches, these shows offer listeners a chance to unwind and enjoy some light-hearted entertainment.

Sports enthusiasts can tune in to this radio station for comprehensive coverage of local and international sporting events. Whether it’s football, basketball, cricket, or athletics, the station delivers live match commentary, analysis, and interviews with athletes and sports personalities.

From celebrity gossip to movie reviews, FM 94.9’s entertainment programs cover a wide range of topics. Listeners can stay updated on the latest trends in showbiz, TV series, movies, and celebrity news.

FM 94.9 Aim

It is committed to delivering a diverse range of content to cater to the varied interests of its audience. The aim is to create a dynamic and engaging listening experience that caters to a diverse audience, bringing together news, music, comedy, sports, and entertainment to keep listeners informed, entertained, and connected.


Country: Nigeria

Genre: pop

Language: English

32 FM 94.9