32 FM 94.9

32 FM 94.9

32 FM 94.9 is a Nigerian radio station, that serves its listeners with engaging and enjoyable pop music programs. The station’s primary focus is on providing high-quality pop music material that caters to the different preferences of its audience. This radio station is also active in a variety of pop music-related community events, promotions, and initiatives. These programs help this station connect with its local audience.

32 FM 94.9 official website – thirtytwofm.com.ng/

32 FM 94.9 Programs

This radio station focuses heavily on pop music, which is noted for its catchy melodies and broad popularity. Recognizing the diversity of pop music, this radio station attempts to provide a comprehensive spectrum of pop subgenres such as modern pop, dance-pop, R&B-pop, and more. This variety ensures that the mainstream music landscape has something for everyone.

Local Nigerian pop singers as well as foreign pop sensations are likely to be featured on the station. This mix allows fans to discover new talent while also enjoying well-known tunes from global pop icons. In addition to playing popular songs, it promotes rising artists and songs, assisting in the discovery of fresh and interesting music in the pop genre.

To make the listening experience more interactive, the station invites audience interaction through dedications, song requests, and interactive parts in which listeners may contribute their views and ideas on the music being played.

32 FM 94.9 Aim

The station aspires to be a go-to destination for fans of pop music in Nigeria and abroad. The major purpose of the station is to entertain its listeners. It attempts to keep the audience interested with its pop music programs, whether they are tuning in during their commute, at work, or while relaxing at home. The station hopes to be a lively part of the pop music landscape, both locally and worldwide, by focusing on pop music and catering to a diverse audience.


Country: Nigeria

Genre: pop

Language: English

32 FM 94.9

Contact Details

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/32fm949Ibadan/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/32fm949Ibadan
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/32fm949ibadan/