Domi Radio, established in Nigeria, is a broadcasting platform that primarily provides religious and educational programming to its audience. Its mission is to provide information, inspiration, and spiritual direction to its listeners. Programs also helping to listeners overall personal growth. It aims to encourage and uplift the spirits of its audience with a combination of music, prayers, and motivational speakers.

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Domi Radio Programs

This radio station is heavily affiliated with the religious and spiritual views of the Living Faith Church Worldwide. It is popularly known as Winners’ Chapel. This Christian denomination, created by Bishop David Oyedepo, stresses faith, prosperity, and spiritual progress.

This Radio is committed to providing educational programs that contribute to the intellectual and personal growth of its listeners in addition to religious material. These training programs may address a variety of subjects, such as entrepreneurship, leadership, personal finance, health, and general knowledge. It also helps to foster community and engagement by broadcasting news and events about the Living Faith Church and its activities.

Domi Radio Aim

In terms of religious programming, the major goal of this radio station is to propagate the teachings and doctrines of the church, including sermons, lessons, and messages aimed to strengthen the listeners’ faith. It is a platform that attempts to meet its audience’s religious and educational demands. It seeks to foster a worshipful and contemplative environment in which listeners can connect with their faith and strengthen their relationship with God.


Country: Nigeria

Genre: Religious, Education

Language: English

Domi Radio
Domi Radio
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