Abu Dhabi Classic FM plays plethora of a popular yet eclectic selection of Classical, Jazz and Chill Out music at the right time of your day. Tune in for great music mostly the classical ones, all kinds of news, and insight and knowledge from the cultural hub of the Middle East at any time of day or night. Abu Dhabi Classic FM, one of Abu Dhabi Media’s most prominent radio stations, is the first Western classical music radio station in the UAE.

The radio aims to attract those who are fans of classical music and listeners can be of any age group but classic music lovers, in order to find Abu Dhabi Classic a very compelling choice. It has attracted a tremendous number of classical music lovers for its day-long radio programs. The programs of this radio comes with wide varieties and each one of them are comprised of songs that are from the golden age of music and appropriate for the given type of program. Through a short period of time the station was able to expand its listener’s base to include all ages. Its show ‘Kids Classics’ has recently been awarded the Finalist Certificate at the prestigious New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards 2015 in the Best Show for Children and Youth award category.

Abu Dhabi Classic FM