Suno 1024 FM is a famous radio station in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that provides a varied range of programs to its listeners. This station is well-known for its lively and interesting programming, which largely focuses on Bollywood, Indian, and Pop music genres. Aside from music, this station offers interesting and instructive radio programs produced by engaging hosts.  It mixes local events, news, and promotions into its programming on occasion. These diverse programs make it a relevant and entertaining option for UAE residents and expatriates.

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Suno 1024 FM Programs

This radio station is a favorite among Bollywood music fans. This station broadcasts the most recent Hindi film hits, including music from blockbuster films, iconic melodies, and chart-toppers. Listeners can appreciate the charm of Indian film music by grooving to the tunes of their favorite Bollywood stars.

This station caters to followers of numerous Indian music genres in addition to Bollywood favorites. Classical, folk, devotional, and regional music from various parts of India are included. Through its numerous musical offerings, this station provides a platform for listeners to connect with the rich cultural history of the Indian subcontinent.

This station also broadcasts a diverse range of contemporary pop music by Indian and foreign musicians. Pop music fans can listen to a combination of chart-toppers, trending singles, and old favorites for a vivid and dynamic listening experience.

Suno 1024 FM Aim

This radio station is a gathering place for music fans, particularly those who enjoy Bollywood, Indian, and Pop music. It also provides online streaming, which allows listeners from all around the world to tune in and enjoy its unique content. This feature opens it up to a global audience, expanding its reach beyond the UAE. Its diverse programming, dynamic hosts, and dedication to providing quality entertainment make it a popular choice among radio enthusiasts in the UAE and beyond.


Country: United Arab Emirates

Genre: Bollywood, Indian, Pop

Language: Arabic, English

Suno 1024 FM

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