Sharjah Radio is a popular radio station in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that broadcasts a variety of programming, including Islamic content. These programs assist listeners in gaining a better understanding of the Quran’s teachings and their application in modern life. This channel provides special programming during major Islamic events and festivals such as Ramadan, Eid, and Hajj. Islamic music and nasheeds (religious songs) that emphasize themes of religion, devotion, and Islamic culture can also be found here.

Sharjah Radio Programs

This radio station’s Islamic programming frequently includes the reading of the Quran by skilled Quranic reciters (Qaris). This gives listeners the chance to hear the lovely and lyrical recital of Quranic passages. Programs, where scholars and Islamic professionals discuss the interpretation (Tafsir) of Quranic verses, are also broadcast here.

You can also hear lectures from well-known Islamic thinkers and theologians. Theology, Islamic law (Fiqh), morality, and spirituality are among the themes covered in these courses. It transmits daily prayer times (Salat timings) and the call to prayer (Adhan) to keep Muslims in the UAE up to date on the times for their mandatory prayers.

Interviews with religious leaders, community people, and organizations are also shown on the channel to engage the local Islamic community. You can also get updates on Islamic news, global events that are important to Muslims, and statements from religious authorities in the UAE.

Sharjah Radio Aim

This radio station’s goal is to deliver a diverse range of Islamic programs that address the spiritual and religious requirements of its listeners. Programs are intended to provide spiritual advice, education, and cultural preservation to their audiences. This station is critical in promoting Islamic ideals and establishing a feeling of community among Muslims, as well as encouraging communication and understanding with people of other faiths.

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Language: Arabic

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