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ADN Radio, is a prominent radio station in Chile. It has established itself as a leading source of news, opinion, and entertainment for Chilean and international radio audiences. It is the flagship station of the Ibero Americana Radio Chile conglomerate. Moreover, the group also owns several other popular Chilean radio stations, such as Concierto, Corazón, FM Dos, Futuro, Imagina, Los 40, Pudahuel, Radio Activa, and Rock & Pop.

Its slogan is “ADN, la radio que te informa”, which means – ADN, the radio that informs you.


It was founded in 2007 as a merger of two former stations: Radio W and Radio Chilena.  The station meets the growing need for high-quality news and sports coverage in Chile. Thanks to its strong programming and experienced team of journalists and presenters, it quickly became one of the most popular radio stations in the country.


The radio broadcasts a wide range of programs. It airs a mix of news, sports, talk shows, and music shows.

Some of its most popular shows are:

  • ADN Hoy: This is a morning show that provides the latest news, analysis, and interviews. Mauricio Bustamante and Paula Bravo are hosting the show.
  • Los Tenores: It’s a sport program with commentary, debate, and interviews with experts and players.  Carlos Costas and Víctor Cruces hosts the show.
  • Ciudadano ADN: It’s a midday show on current affairs, culture, and entertainment. Sandra Zeballos and Cristian Arcos are its hosts.
  • La Prueba de ADN: This is a program on corruption, injustice, and abuse, and it’s hosted by Carla Zunino and Mauricio Bustamante.
  • Vino de Visita: It’s the night show. Celebrities, artists, and famous personalities share their stories, opinions with listeners. It’s hosted by Marcelo Pino and Jorge Urzúa.

ADN Radio’s vision is to be a reliable, credible, and influential source of information and entertainment for the Chilean society. Therefore, it wants to inform, educate, and entertain its listeners with quality content. Professionalism, and innovation, is at the center of its broadcasting.

The station is popular for its high-quality programming, experienced team of journalists and presenters.  It adapts to the changing times and needs of its listeners without forgetting its identity and values.



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