Listen to FM Quiero, More than you want!

FM Quiero is a jewel in the vibrant radio scene of Chile. It’s a radio station based in Antofagasta, Chile. Local listeners can tune the radio on 95.1 MHz FM. This is a radio station that has been making waves among radio fans of Chile since the beginning of its broadcasting journey.

Programs of FM Quiero:

FM Quiero offers a wide range of programs to cater to the diverse interests of its listeners. From music shows to thought-provoking talk shows, also programs on culture, sports, entertainment, local, national and international news, it has something for everyone. The wide range of its programs has attracted listeners from every walk of life. Listeners of all age groups love the radio. FM Quiero offers a diverse range of musical programs. Airs pop, rock, dance, and Latin music, along with featuring new and emerging artists. It also provides the latest news from Chile and around the world, covering social, economic, culture, sports and community issues.
Some of the popular programs are:
  • Quiero Despertar
  • Quiero Rock
  • Quiero Fiesta
  • Quiero Romántica
  • Quiero Deporte


FM Quiero’s vision is to be a leading radio station that provides quality entertainment, information, and education to the people of Antofagasta and beyond. The station aims to be a platform for cultural expression, social inclusion, and civic participation, as well as a source of inspiration, musical entertainment and joy for its listeners.


FM Quiero has a team of talented and charismatic presenters. They are behind its various entertaining, informational and engaging programs and segments of the station. All of its programs are very friendly, cheerful and experienced. FM Quiero’s core is its dedicated presenters, who bring life to the station with their charismatic personalities, making each show engaging.

FM Quiero is one of the most popular and respected radio stations in Antofagasta and Chile. The station has won several awards and recognitions. The station also has high ratings and rankings, both online and offline, among the listeners and the critics. It also has the support and admiration of many celebrities and personalities, who often visit and collaborate with the station.


FaceBook: quierofm

Twitter: @fmquierochile

Instagram: radiofmquiero

Language: Spanish

Address: Copiapo #886, Antofagasta, Chile.

FM Quiero