ARL (formerly known as ARL – FM) is a popular radio station based in France that offers a diverse range of programming catering to various tastes and demographics. With its mix of pop, talk, and adult contemporary music, ARL captures the essence of contemporary French radio. Programs provide a more relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, featuring a mix of contemporary hits and classic favorites tailored to mature listeners.

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ARL – FM Programs

Pop music forms a significant part of ARL’s playlist, featuring hits from both international and French artists across different genres such as pop-rock, electronic, and indie pop. This ensures that listeners can enjoy a vibrant selection of current chart-toppers and timeless classics.

In addition to music, ARL incorporates talk segments into its programming, providing listeners with engaging discussions on topics ranging from current affairs to entertainment news, lifestyle, and culture. This mix of music and talk ensures that ARL remains not just a source of entertainment but also a platform for thought-provoking conversations and insights.

Furthermore, ARL caters to adult contemporary audiences, offering a curated selection of music that appeals to a more mature demographic. This includes a blend of soft rock, ballads, and easy-listening tunes, providing listeners with a relaxing and enjoyable listening experience throughout the day.

ARL – FM Aim

Overall, the station is committed to delivering a well-rounded listening experience that caters to the diverse interests of its audience. Pop music likely serves as the backbone of their musical content, appealing to a broad audience with catchy tunes and popular hits. Talk shows offer engaging discussions on current events, lifestyle topics, or interviews with notable figures, adding an interactive element to the station’s offerings.


Country: France

Genre: pop, talk, adult contemporary

Language: French