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Balkansko Radio is an online radio station that was launched in 2014. It broadcasts the best hits from the Balkans, including Bulgarian, Greek, Serbian, and Romanian music. Furthermore, it also has a TV channel called Balkansko TV that shows music videos and entertainment programs.


Balkansko Radio was founded by Kamen Spasov, a former presenter of Radio City. He wanted to create a radio station that would preserve the Balkan spirit and traditions in the present and future. He also wanted to provide a platform for Bulgarian artists and musicians to showcase their talent and promote their culture.

Vision and Mission

Balkansko Radio’s vision is to be the favorite musical brand of the Bulgarian people and the Balkan diaspora. Its mission is to provide quality entertainment, information, and education to its listeners and viewers. It aims to support the development of the Bulgarian music industry and the integration of the Balkan countries.


Balkansko Radio has a variety of programs that cater to different tastes and interests. Balkansko Morning is a daily show covering news, traffic, weather, sports, interviews, games, and music. Also, Balkansko Top 10 is a weekly chart show showcasing the hottest songs from Balkan countries. Then, Balkansko Party showcases concerts, events, festivals, and parties. Balkansko Mix mixes different Balkan music genres and Relax plays chill-out, lounge, and ambient music.


Balkansko Radio has a team of talented and charismatic presenters who host the programs and interact with the audience.
Some of its famous presenters are:

  • Kamen
  • Maria
  • Ivan

Impact and Popularity

Balkansko Radio has a large and loyal fan base in Bulgaria and abroad. It has won several awards and recognitions for its quality and innovation. The radio was nominated for the Best Online Radio Station award at the Online Radio Awards in 2019. It was the official radio partner of the Balkan Music Awards 2018 in Sofia.

Balkansko Radio is a successful radio station that offers a diverse and exciting musical experience to its listeners and viewers.


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Balkansko Radio