Listen to Darik Radio: The Voice of Bulgaria!

Darik Radio is the first Bulgarian private national radio station with a national license. If your query is about the best radio station of Bulgaria? Then the answer would be, Darik Radio is one of the most popular radio station in Bulgaria. It has a big listener-ship and listened by listeners of all age group.


Darik Radio was founded in 1992 by a group of journalists and businessmen who wanted to create an independent and professional media outlet in Bulgaria. The name Darik comes from the initials of the founders: Deyan, Anton, Rumen, Ivan and Kamen. It started broadcasting on September 1, 1993, from a small studio in Sofia. Initially covered only the capital city, but gradually its broadcasting covered the whole country. This was the first Bulgarian radio station to broadcast live from the Parliament. Moreover, it’s the first radio that started the use of mobile studios, satellite links and online streaming. The radio is the witness of many historical events. Including the fall of communism, the transition to democracy, the integration into NATO and the social and economic changes in Bulgaria.

Vision and goal:

The goal of Darik Radio is to become the most reputable and significant radio station in Bulgaria by offering its listeners top-notch news, entertainment, and education. Its goal is to educate, motivate, and empower Bulgarian society while advancing democratic principles, human rights, and civic participation. Darik Radio also seeks to promote worldwide understanding and collaboration while aiding in the growth of Bulgarian culture, the country’s economy, and its sports.


Darik Radio offers a variety of programming, including news and music. Its hourly bulletins covers current events, politics, and business. The music section features various genres like pop, rock, folk, and classical music. Furthermore, it also hosts talk shows featuring interviews with experts, politicians, and celebrities, such as Politika, Start, Gospo dari, and Darik Kino. These shows covers topics like politics, culture, entertainment, relationships, and social issues.


Darik Radio boasts a team of charismatic and skilled presenters who breathe life into each program. These presenters are not just voices on the airwaves; they are storytellers, curators, and guides who connect with the audience on a personal level. With their distinctive styles and engaging personalities, they bring a unique flavor to every show.

Darik Radio, a prominent Bulgarian media outlet, has been instrumental in various campaigns. It helped promoting the anti-corruption campaign “Clean Hands”, the environmental campaign “Green Bulgaria”, and the charity campaign “Darik Helps”.

Darik Radio is more than just a radio station. It is a voice of Bulgaria that informs, entertains and educates its listeners. This is a platform for dialogue and diversity that reflects the realities and aspirations of the Bulgarian society. It is a media outlet that strives for excellence and innovation in its programming and services. Darik Radio is a radio station that you can trust and enjoy.



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Address: 82 Knyaz Alexander Dondukov Blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria

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