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BG Radio

Listen to BG Radio, Bulgaria’s Leading online Radio!

BG Radio is a leading radio station in Bulgaria with a strong listener base. It was founded in 2003 as a private commercial radio station. The radio has a market share of over 20{60297c3c1f31c932e6d9e222881b19d68abc8a6c613ff5fa51397582320704f4}. Pop and rock music from Bulgaria and throughout the globe are played on BG Radio in addition to news, current events, and entertainment programs.


The goal of BG Radio is to be the top radio station in Bulgaria by offering the greatest entertainment and music to its listeners. The goal of the station is to educate, amuse, and bring Bulgarians together.


BG Radio’s programs are meant to appeal to a wide range of listeners. The radio plays all the latest local, national and international pop and rock music. It also features a variety of other programs, including a morning show featuring news, interviews, and music.  Lunch Break show featuring music, games, and contests. Drive Time, Evening Show and Weekend Shows are among its daily core radio programs.

BG Radio offers specialized programs like BG Rock, BG Dance, BG Retro, and BG Classics, each featuring Bulgarian rock, dance, past, and classical music on a weekly basis.


Some of the most well-known radio personalities in Bulgaria are presenters on the radio. They have a reputation for being friendly, enthusiastic, and able to engage listeners.

Some of BG Radio’s most popular presenters include:

  • Dimitar Marushkov
  • Radost Todorova
  • Veselin Dinov
  • Maria Andonova
  • Konstantin Iliev

BG Radio, a popular Bulgarian radio station, is a significant source of entertainment and news for millions of Bulgarians. It is also famous for its social responsibility initiatives, supporting various charities and organizations, and organizing events to raise awareness for important causes.



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Language: Bulgarian

Contact Number: +359 2 951 5100

Address: ул. Рикардо Вакарини 6 Б, Sofia, Bulgaria.

BG Radio