Blue 100.7 FM

Blue 100.7 FM

Blue 100.7 FM: The Radio Station That Plays the Best Songs of All Time!

Blue 100.7 FM, the Argentinean gem on the radio spectrum, has been serenading the hearts of listeners for years.


This is a radio station that broadcasts from the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the 100.7 FM. It is owned by Grupo América and Alpha Media, two of the most influential media groups in the country. Blue 100.7 FM was launched on February 2, 2004, as a replacement for Radio El Mundo. It was a historic radio station that had been on air since 1935. The new station started with the aim to appeal to a younger and more diverse listeners. Its slogan was “Everything is better with music”. The first song that was played on Blue 100.7 FM was “I Want to Break Free” by Queen.

Vision and Mission:

Blue FM 100.7’s vision is to be “the radio station that plays the best music.” Its mission is to captivate and unite listeners through the universal language of music, while promoting artistic diversity and preserving cultural heritage.


It offers musical programs that cover genres like jazz, blues, and pop, featuring the main artists from the past and present. Furthermore, it also provides news and entertainment segments, as well as interviews with celebrities and experts.

The Blue Morning, hosted by Jorge Casal and Luciano Zampa, airs from Monday to Friday from 6 to 10 am, featuring the best songs and interviews. Also, The Blue Afternoon, hosted by Fernando González and Gabriel Galar, airs from Monday to Friday from 3 to 7 pm, featuring the latest pop music hits and tips. The Blue Night, hosted by Toma Durrieu, airs from Monday to Thursday from 10 pm to 1 am, featuring jazz and blues music.


The station has a team of professional and charismatic presenters. Each with a deep understanding of music and a knack for connecting with their listeners. With their friendly voices and expert curation, they turn each show into a musical journey.


Blue 100.7 FM has a significant impact and popularity in Argentina and beyond. It has more than one million listeners per month. It has etched a melodious place in the hearts of its listeners. Furthermore, it acts as a haven for music enthusiasts, promoting an appreciation of various musical genres.

Blue 100.7 FM is more than just a radio station; it is a musical experience that connects people with their emotions and passions. It is the radio station that plays the best songs of all time.


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Frequency: 100.7 FM

Blue 100.7 FM