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Radio Top 103.7 is a radio station that broadcasts from the city of Resistencia, in the province of Chaco, Argentina. The station was founded in 2009 by Alexis Britto. He is a radio personality and entrepreneur who wanted to create a radio that would appeal to young and adventurous listeners. Its slogan is “The most bucanera radio in Argentina”, which means “The most pirate radio in Argentina”. This reflects the station’s spirit of freedom, rebellion, and fun. Today it airs at 105.9 FM


Radio Top 103.7 offers a range of programs including music, entertainment, news, sports, and culture. Its main show, What Scratches, features interviews with celebrities, artists, and influencers. Other popular shows include The Morning of the Top, The Afternoon of the Top, and The Night of the Top.

Radio Top 103.7 offers a diverse range of programs, including music, news, sports, and talk shows. It features a mix of popular music, a team of journalists reporting on local, national, and international news, live coverage of local and national sporting events, and expert commentary on current events, culture, and lifestyle.

Vision and Mission:

Radio Top 103.7 has a vision of being the leading radio station in the region and the country. As well as expanding its reach to other markets and platforms. The station’s mission is to provide quality entertainment and information to its audience, as well as to promote social responsibility and solidarity. The station supports various causes and campaigns related to health, education, environment, human rights, and culture.


Radio Top 103.7 has a team of talented and charismatic presenters who interact with the listeners and create a friendly and lively atmosphere. Some of the presenters are Diego Gonzalez, Natalia Fernandez, Martin Lopez, Laura Rodriguez, and Juan Pablo Diaz. The station also has a group of reporters who cover local and national events and provide information and analysis.

Impact and Popularity:

Radio Top 103.7 is one of the most popular radio stations in the Chaco region, with a large and loyal audience. The station has a significant impact on the local community, providing its listeners with a source of information, entertainment, and inspiration.

Radio Top 103.7 is also a strong supporter of local culture and talent. The station often hosts live music performances and interviews with local artists and cultural figures.

This is a vital part of Argentina’s cultural landscape, providing entertainment, information, and community spirit. With a rich history, diverse programs, and talented presenters, it is a must-listen radio for local and international listeners interested in Argentina’s vibrant culture.


Instagram: radiotopresistencia

Language: Spanish

Contact Number: +54 362 471-4854

Address: Resistencia Chaco AR, Las Heras 482, H3500 COE, Chaco, Argentina

PlayStore: radiotopargentinagratis1307

Radio Top 103.7