Listen to Radio AM 750, the premier radio from Argentina.

Radio AM 750, a beacon of entertainment and information. It has been an integral part of the radio broadcasting landscape of Argentina for many decades. The radio has won the hearts of its listeners with its diverse and high-quality programming. It offers a variety of programs spanning news, sports, music and entertainment, ensuring there is something for everyone.


Radio AM 750 is a radio station broadcasting from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is part of the media conglomerate Grupo Octubre, which also owns the newspaper Página|12 and other radio and television stations. This is known for its progressive and critical view on political and social issues, as well as social and technical issues. Radio AM 750’s vision is to be the voice of the people by defending democracy, human rights and social justice. The mission of Radio AM 750 is to provide its listeners with quality and varied information, education and entertainment.


Some of the most prominent presenters and journalists of Radio AM 750 are Víctor Hugo Morales, Alejandro Dolina, Elizabeth Vernaci, Fernando Borroni, Cynthia García, Carlos Barragán, Luciano Galende, Julia Mengolini, Diego Iglesias, among others. It also features some of the most popular shows in the Argentine radio scene, such as La Mañana con Víctor Hugo Morales, La Venganza será Terrible con Alejandro Dolina, Black & Toc con Elizabeth Vernaci y Humberto Tortonese, Alguien tiene que decirlo con Fernando Borroni y Cynthia García, La Naranja con Carlos Barragán y Luciano Galende, Futurock con Julia Mengolini y Diego Iglesias, and many more.


Radio AM 750 has a significant impact on the Argentine public opinion and culture, as it represents the diversity and complexity of the country. It also has a strong social commitment, supporting various causes and campaigns that aim to improve the quality of life of its listeners and the society in general. AM 750 has received numerous awards and recognitions for its journalistic work and its contribution to the radio industry.

Known for its commitment to excellence, Radio AM 750 strives to provide its audience with relevant and up-to-date content. Their team of dedicated professionals works tirelessly to keep listeners informed and entertained. If you are looking for a radio station that offers a balanced mix of content, Radio AM 750 is a great option.



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Radio AM 750
Radio AM 750
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