Listen to BMS Radio, Cameroon’s one of the best!

BMS Radio, based in Cameroon, is a unique radio station known for its exceptional programs, entertainment, and dedicated friendly presenters.


BMS Radio, a renowned broadcasting station in Cameroon, began in Douala, Cameroon, with a shared passion for radio broadcasting. Overtime, it has grown exponentially, becoming one of the most respected radio stations in the region, showcasing excellence in the broadcasting industry.

BMS Radio’s success is rooted in its vision and mission. Which is to be the voice of Cameroon, celebrating its music, culture, and diversity, and connecting communities. Also providing high-quality musical and entertaining programs to its audience.


In its broadcasting it mostly plays hip hop, RnB, pop, and afrobeats music. BMS Radio offers a variety of programs to inform, educate, and entertain listeners. It also airs Talk Show, News, Sport, Society and many more programs. Popular ones include Morning Express, Talk of the Town, Women’s World, Youth Zone, and Music Time.

  • Morning Express covers local, national, and international news,
  • Talk of the Town discusses social and political issues,
  • Women’s World focuses on women’s issues,
  • Youth Zone allows young people to express their views,
  • Music Time features music from Cameroon and around the world.


BMS Radio has a team of experienced and dedicated presenters who are committed to providing listeners with high-quality programming. Some of the station’s most popular presenters include:

  • Nkem Nkem: The host of Morning Express.
  • Anita Ebot: The host of Talk of the Town.
  • Josephine Afuh: The host of Women’s World.
  • Peter Ndifon: The host of Youth Zone.
  • DJ Chris: The host of Music Time.

BMS Radio is one of the most popular radio stations in Cameroon. The station has a large and loyal audience that tunes in to listen to its entertaining, informative and engaging programs.




Twitter: @bmsradio

Language: French

Contact Number: +237 2 42 94 41 32

Address: Douala, Cameroon

BMS Radio
BMS Radio
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