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Sky One Radio is an online radio station from Yaounde, Cameroon. It broadcasts various kinds of hottest music genres like hip hop, classic, dance, electronic etc. The radio is famous for its music, News and talk shows. The radio is live broadcasting from Yaounde around the clock.


Sky One Radio is broadcasting on frequency 104.5 FM. Its aim and mission is to fulfil the need of Cameroon’s radio listeners. Sky One is improving the quality of its shows continuously. Constantly making several changes in programs to make it more interesting and innovative. With the aim to satisfy listeners and meet their expectations from the broadcasting team. It offers daily unifying and attractive programs. Bring engaging programs full of entertainment and music for all ages, trends, rhythms, religions and continents.


Sky One Radio is popular for its programs. It captures listener’s support and love toward its programs for its listener centric shows. The radio caters to different listener tastes and interests.
Some of its programs are as follows:

  • Sky Morning: A morning show that features pop music, news, weather, traffic, and interviews. The show is hosted by Jean-Paul Ndong. He is popular for his witty and friendly presentation.
  • Sky Talk: This is a talk show. Listeners can enjoy discussion on politics, economy, culture, health, and education. Its host is Marie-Claire Nkodo, who is intelligent and insightful.
  • Sky Music: A music show that features folk music, African music, and world music. It is hosted by Joseph Nkongho, who is bubbly and upbeat.
  • Sky Sport: A sports show that features sports news, analysis, commentary, and interviews. Patrick Mbonimpa hosts the show, who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
  • Sky Night: A night show that features pop music, comedy, interviews, and stories. It is hosted by Sandra Ndayishimiye and Eric Niyongabo, who are creative and adventurous.


Sky One Radio is home to some of the most popular presenters in Cameroon. Its presenters are famous for their engaging personality and ability to connect with listeners. Some of the station’s most popular presenters include:

  • Jean-Paul Ndong
  • Marie-Claire Nkodo
  • Joseph Nkongho
  • Patrick Nguema
  • Sandra Ngo


Sky One Radio is one of the most popular radio stations in Cameroon, with over thousands listeners per week. It has won several awards for its programs and services. It also has a strong online presence.



FaceBook: skyonecameroun

Language: French

Contact Number: +237 222 295 95

Frequency: 104.5 FM

Sky One Radio
Sky One Radio
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