Radio Tiemeni Siantou

Radio Tiemeni Siantou

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Radio Tiemeni Siantou, founded in 1991 in Yaoundé, Cameroon. It started broadcasting to promote social justice and provide a voice for the voiceless. The radio started its broadcasting journey to create a radio station that would serve as a unifying force within the diverse communities of Yaoundé. The station emerged as a response to the need for a platform that would celebrate and promote local culture. It encourages dialogue, and inform and entertain the people of Yaoundé.


Radio Tiemeni Siantou Yaoundé’s commitment to elevating regional voices and promoting Cameroonian culture is fundamental to its purpose. The goal of the station is to offer a forum for discussion, cultural preservation, and community improvement. Besides, the organization aims to become the most reliable resource for news, entertainment, and cultural enhancement in Yaoundé, fostering connections and showcasing the diversity of the city’s populations.


Radio Tiemeni Siantou Yaoundé provides a variety of programs, including news, debates, cultural programs, music and entertainment. It provides comprehensive coverage of local, national, and international events, promotes Cameroonian culture through traditional music, dance, historical segments, and interviews with local cultural icons, and offers intense entertainment through music shows, comedy, drama series, and interviews with local and international artists.


Radio Tiemeni Siantou Yaoundé features a talented and dedicated team of presenters who are deeply connected to the community. Their engaging personalities and diverse experiences ensures programs resonating with the audience, making them trusted voices and creating strong bonds with listeners.

Tiemeni Siantou is a vital part of the Cameroonian media landscape. Furthermore, the station provides listeners with information, entertainment, and a forum for public discussion. It’s a vital part of the community and promotes social and economic development in Cameroon.


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Radio Tiemeni Siantou
Radio Tiemeni Siantou
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