Chinese Classical Music Radio

Chinese Classical Music Radio

Listen Chinese Classical Music Radio, It is all about classical Chinese music!

If you enjoy Chinese classical music, you should listen to the radio, it’s a 24-hour internet radio station that broadcasts a range of genres and styles from various times and areas of China. Chinese Music World is more than just a radio station; it’s also a resource for learning about the history, theory, instruments, and artists of classical Chinese music.


This is the radio wing of Chinese Music World Community which is a place for all who likes classical Chinese music. Here, you can discuss, communicate, and share anything about classical Chinese music, and Chinese culture. It will also add the Chinese Learning section, and fans are free to ask any questions on learning the Chinese language.

Part of Big Community:

Chinese Classical Music Radio is its free 7/24/365 online station. Listeners can listen and discuss with other members on any topics related to Chinese music, Chinese culture, and Chinese learning in the Chinese classical music forums, instantly chat with other members in the chat rooms.


Classical Chinese music is one of the oldest and most highly developed musical systems in the world. It has a rich and diverse heritage that reflects the cultural, philosophical, and religious influences of China over thousands of years.

Classical Chinese Folk Music:

Chinese classical music can be divided into several categories. Such as folk music, court music, opera music, religious music, and instrumental music. Each category has its own characteristics, forms, and aesthetics. Chinese Classical Music Radio covers all these classical hits around the clock.

You can also discover the stories behind the music, the legends of the composers and performers. Listeners can also learn the meanings of the lyrics and symbols, and the cultural contexts of the musical traditions.


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Chinese Classical Music Radio