Shanghai News 93.4 FM

Shanghai News 93.4 FM

Listen to Shanghai News 93.4 FM: A Radio Station That Keeps You Informed!

Shanghai News 93.4 FM focuses on providing listeners in Shanghai and abroad with in-depth and timely news programs. This is the radio wing by one of China’s biggest media giants, the Shanghai Media Group. Since its founding in 1998, Shanghai News has grown to become one of the city’s top radio stations in Shanghai and across China. It has a substantial radio listening market share and a devoted following.


Shanghai News 93.4 FM offers a variety of programming to appeal to a wide range of preferences and interests of its listeners. It airs various programs including news, discussion shows, sports, culture, and entertainment. The radio airs programs on various topics, its core programs are:

  • News: Thorough and fast-paced news show that includes updates on sports, traffic, weather, and local, national, and worldwide happenings.
  • Discussion program: A discussion program that welcomes listeners and experts to share their thoughts on a range of subjects. Including culture, lifestyle, and social matters.
  • Sports shows offers up-to-date information and commentary on a variety of games and sporting events. Including basketball, tennis, golf, and football.
  • Cultural programs highlights Shanghai’s and China’s rich and varied cultural traditions and current trends in areas including literature, music, art, and fashion.

Shanghai News 93.4 FM strives to give its listeners the greatest possible radio experience by providing a wide range of formats, genres, and shows. Additionally, it works to maintain its goals, which are as follows:

  • To be millions of people’s choice and Shanghai’s voice.
  • Its mission is to provide professional, credible, and innovative information, education, entertainment, and services to the general public.


It boasts a team of talented and charismatic presenters who bring life and energy to each program. They provide lively and informative commentary on various topics. With their warm voices and in-depth knowledge, they create a connection with the audience, making the listening experience unforgettable.

Among the most well-liked presenters on the channel are:

  • Li Tao
  • Zhang Lei
  • Wang Lei
  • Liu Ying

Shanghai News 93.4 FM is a popular radio station in Shanghai, known for its reliable coverage of local, national, and international news, and its experienced presenters who deliver information in a clear and concise manner.



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Language: Chinese

Contact Number: +021-62788177

Shanghai News 93.4 FM