Listen to CRI EZFM Online, A Radio Station That Makes a Difference!

CRI EZFM, also known as Easy FM, is a radio station under China Media Group that broadcasts news, music, culture, and education programs in Chinese and English. It was launched on October 25, 1986, as the first English-language radio station in China. The aim was to provide a platform for cross-cultural communication and learning.

Its slogan is “We are the difference”, reflecting its unique and diverse content and style.


CRI EZFM is popular for its diverse array of programs aimed towards the interest and preference of its listeners.  Some of the popular programs are as follows:

  • World Insight with Tian Wei: a daily talk show that features in-depth interviews and debates on global issues and trends.
  • Dialogue: a flagship program that covers domestic and international topics from a balanced and critical perspective.
  • Music Matters: a music show that showcases a mixture of old and new music, as well as fascinating music history and features.
  • Special English: a program that helps listeners improve their English skills by using simple and clear language.
  • 美文阅读: a program that introduces classic and contemporary literary works from China and abroad.


CRI EZFM boasts a team of charismatic presenters who infuse life and energy into each program. With their engaging personalities and deep knowledge in their respective fields, they connect with the audience on a personal level, making every show a memorable experience. Some of the notable presenters are:

  • Tian Wei: the host of World Insight with Tian Wei, who is a veteran journalist and commentator with over 20 years of experience in covering major events and stories around the world.
  • Yang Rui: the host of Dialogue, who is a renowned media personality and opinion leader with a sharp and insightful view on current affairs and social issues.
  • Andy Curtis: the host of Music Matters, who is a music lover and expert with a diverse and eclectic taste in music genres and styles.
  • Heyang: the host of 美文阅读, who is a literature enthusiast and critic with a keen appreciation and analysis of literary works


CRI EZFM has a significant impact and popularity both in China and abroad, as it reaches millions of listeners through various platforms and channels, such as FM, AM, satellite, online, mobile, and social media. EZFM has a significant impact on the English language learning community in China. Because, its programs provide listeners with an opportunity to practice listening and speaking English in a relaxed and informal way.

CRI EZFM is a unique radio station that combines news, music, culture, and education in a bilingual and interactive manner. It reflects the dynamic nature of China and the world. Covering the latest topics with a professional and critical approach. ZFM aims to foster positive dialogue and exchange among its listeners across China and the globe.



Language: Chinese, English

Contact Number: 05064898