Dengi Kurdsat

Dengi Kurdsat

Dengi Kurdsat is a well-known Kurdish radio station that broadcasts in Kurdish. It is well-known for its extensive coverage of news, music, and cultural programs geared toward the Kurdish community.

This radio station is an important part of the Kurdish media landscape, providing information, entertainment, and cultural preservation to the Kurdish community. It promotes a sense of belonging and solidarity among Kurds all over the world, thereby strengthening their cultural identity and raising awareness of Kurdish issues.

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Dengi Kurdsat – Programs

Local, regional, and international news, politics, social issues, and cultural events are all covered by this radio station. This station broadcasts news updates, analyses, and interviews, keeping listeners up to date on current events and developments affecting the Kurdish community.

This radio station provides a diverse selection of music, including traditional Kurdish music, contemporary Kurdish songs, and popular hits from various genres, in addition to news programming. This station promotes Kurdish artists and musicians, highlighting their talent and helping to preserve and promote Kurdish culture. These programs delve into topics such as literature, history, folklore, and the arts, giving listeners insights into Kurdish cultural identity and promoting community unity and pride.

Dengi Kurdsat – Aim

The aim of this radio station is to provide a platform for the expression and representation of Kurdish identity, as well as to foster a sense of unity and solidarity among Kurds worldwide. The primary goal of this station is to inform, educate, and entertain its listeners, as well as to promote Kurdish culture, language, and heritage. This radio station aims to strengthen ties between Kurdish communities in Kurdistan and the Kurdish diaspora.


Country: Iraq

Genre: pop, news, folk, Arabic

Language: Arabic

Dengi Kurdsat
Dengi Kurdsat
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