Radio Dijla

Radio Dijla

Radio Dijla is a well-known radio station in Iraq, specifically in Baghdad. It is one of the country’s leading radio stations, with a sizable audience and influence since its inception. Here you will find a wide range of programming covering topics such as news, politics, entertainment, culture, sports, and music.

This station understands the value of entertainment and music in keeping its audience interested. It airs a wide variety of musical genres, including Iraqi music, Arab pop, Western hits, and traditional melodies. Radio Dijla’s official website is –


This radio station’s primary focus is news broadcasting. This station is known for providing up-to-date and dependable news coverage, keeping listeners up to date on local, regional, and international events. They strive to provide comprehensive news coverage of current events, politics, the economy, and social issues.

This radio station provides engaging talk shows and discussions on a variety of topics in addition to news. These programs frequently feature prominent personalities, experts, and analysts who share their perspectives and insights on current events.

This station is dedicated to preserving and promoting Iraqi culture and heritage. They show programs about local traditions, history, literature, and the arts.  This station also provides advertising opportunities for businesses to promote their products, services, and events to a diverse audience.


The station’s goal is to appeal to a diverse audience by providing a platform for news, discussions, and entertainment. This station provides current information on local, regional, and international events, keeping listeners up to date on the most recent developments. It is an important part of Iraq’s media landscape, providing listeners with informative, engaging, and entertaining content.


Country: Iraq

Genre: pop, news, talk, folk

Language: Arabic

Radio Dijla

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