Radio One Iraq is a popular Iraqi radio station. It is a major source of news, entertainment, and cultural content for listeners throughout the country. It has carved out a strong presence in the Iraqi media landscape by catering to a wide range of audiences through its diverse programming. Here you can find news, easy listening, romantic, and love songs, among other things. This station broadcasts programs about Iraqi history, literature, art, and traditional customs.

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Radio One Iraq – Programs

The news is an important part of Radio One Iraq’s broadcast schedule. The station provides current news coverage of both local and international events, keeping listeners up to date on the latest developments. Political updates, social issues, economic reports, and other pertinent information are frequently included in the news segments.

This radio station, in addition to news, provides a variety of entertainment programs designed to engage and entertain its listeners. These shows cover a wide range of genres, including music, talk shows, interviews, and comedy. It also emphasizes cultural and social aspects, reflecting Iraq’s rich heritage and diversity.

Radio One Iraq – Aim

Radio One Iraq strives to provide its listeners in Iraq and beyond with comprehensive and engaging content. Radio One Iraq’s primary goal is to serve as a reliable source of news, information, and entertainment, catering to its audience’s diverse interests and preferences. It is a reliable source of information and a discussion forum, catering to the diverse interests and preferences of its listeners across the country.


Country: Iraq

Genre: easy listening, romantic, love songs

Language: Arabic

Radio One Iraq

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