Radio Sawa Iraq

Radio Sawa Iraq

Radio Sawa Iraq is a popular radio station that provides Iraqis with news, information, and entertainment. It is part of the larger Radio Sawa network, which is a Middle Eastern radio station broadcasting in both Arabic and English.

This radio station debuted in 2005 and has since established itself as an important voice in the Iraqi media landscape. It is a collaboration between the US government and the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN). Radio Sawa Iraq’s official website is –


This station broadcasts a diverse range of programming, including newscasts, talk shows, music, and cultural programming. It covers both domestic and international news, with a focus on politics, security, the economy, social issues, and other pertinent issues.

One of the station’s distinguishing features is its integration of Arabic and Western popular music, with the goal of appealing to a wide audience. This unique musical blend has made this radio station popular among young people and those who enjoy a diverse musical selection.

This radio station also interacts with its listeners through interactive programs in which people can call in, send messages, and join in on discussions. It is critical in providing reliable information to the Iraqi people as well as serving as a forum for dialogue and entertainment.


It aims to be a trustworthy source of news, current events, and entertainment for the Iraqi people. One of the main goals of this radio station is to help Iraq develop a pluralistic society. The station promotes diversity, inclusivity, and tolerance for opposing viewpoints. It aims to promote understanding, dialogue, and reconciliation among Iraqis by providing balanced and impartial news coverage.


Country: Iraq

Genre: dance, pop, news, folk, top40

Language: Arabic and English

Radio Sawa Iraq

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