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Depeche Mode Radio, a Belgian radio station promoting the best of Depeche Mode music. The band is also known as DM. It’s a significant player among Belgium’s music fans for playing the finest music by DEPECHE MODE. The station’s rich history, charismatic presenters, outstanding music choice, and increasing popularity make it a captivating radio station in the country.


A precursor of electronic music, Depeche Mode was born at the end of the 70s, in the midst of the new wave and still remains one of the flagship groups of British music today. Slipping on trends, never giving in to the easy way, DM proves, with each album, that time is not against them.

Depeche Mode or DM is a British electronic band that formed in 1980 in Basildon, Essex. The band consists of Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, and Andy Fletcher. They are famous for their innovative and influential music, mixing synth-pop, rock, industrial, and alternative genres.   The band has sold more than 100 million records worldwide. Also, it has been nominated for six Grammy Awards. Depeche Mode is one of the most successful bands for live acts across the globe. It has attracted millions of fans in over 100 countries with their live performances. The band is still relevant and creating great music. DM released their 14th studio album, Spirit, in 2017. Depeche Mode is widely regarded as one of the most influential and impactful bands in the history of music.


The vision of the Radio is to be the ultimate station for fans of the band. Its mission is to provide DM’s fans in Belgium and across the world a radio with the best Depeche Mode music, news, and information.


Depeche Mode Radio is staffed by passionate DJs. Its presenters are knowledgeable about the band’s music and history. They engage listeners with the latest news and information about the band. Gives interesting insights about the band’s music and its history, too. They are the voices that breathe life into the station, connecting with their audience through their love for music.


Depeche Mode Radio has left an indelible mark on the music scene. Its impact extends beyond the borders of Belgium, resonating with listeners worldwide. The station’s dedication to quality music programs on Depeche Mode’s songs has earned it a devoted following. Its popularity continues to surge across the globe.

The station’s popularity is evident in its large and loyal listeners it has attracted since its launch. The station has received positive feedback from listeners who appreciate the quality and diversity of its music selection.



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