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Instrumentals Forever

Instrumentals Forever: The Ultimate Destination for Instrumental Music Lovers!

Instrumental music is a type of music that uses instruments to generate melodies, harmonies, and rhythms rather than voices or words.

Instrumentals Forever, an internet radio station that plays only the finest instrumentals from many eras and genres. It is one of the best radio to listen to instrumental music. Marc Van den Berghe, a Belgian radio producer and broadcaster with a passion for instrumental music, founded Instrumentals Forever in 2012. He wished to establish a radio station that would highlight the diversity and beauty of instrumental music while also catering to the requirements and tastes of instrumental music fans all around the world.


Instrumentals Forever offers a wide range of programs featuring various types of instrumental music. These include Orchestral Magic, which features beautiful orchestral pieces from composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Vivaldi. As well as instrumental version of popular songs from movies, musicals, and pop culture.

Big Band Blast showcases the best big band music from the golden age of swing and jazz, featuring legendary bands like Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, and Count Basie. Instrumental Rock features exciting instrumental rock songs from artists like The Ventures, The Shadows, Dick Dale, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and others.

Easy Listening offers relaxing and soothing instrumental music from genres like lounge, ambient, new age, and smooth jazz, featuring artists like Henry Mancini, Bert Kaempfert, James Last, and Ennio Morricone. World Music features diverse and exotic instrumental music from different cultures and regions, featuring instruments like sitar, oud, pan flute, accordion, guitar, violin, and styles like flamenco, tango, celtic, arabic, and Indian.


Instrumentals Forever was founded by Marc Van den Berghe in 2012. He was inspired by his father’s collection of instrumental records and CDs. Growing up with an interest in instrumental music, he began his career as a radio producer and presenter in Belgium in 1986. He worked for various stations including Radio Contact, Radio Donna, Radio 2, and Klara. He also produced several radio documentaries and specials about instrumental music.

In 2012, he decided to start his own internet radio station dedicated to instrumental music. He named it Instrumentals Forever and launched it on October 1st 2012. Marc Van den Berghe used his own collection of instrumental music for the radio. As well as his contacts with record labels and artists to create the playlist. Furthermore, he also invited some of his colleagues and friends from the radio industry to join him as presenters and contributors.


The vision of Instrumentals Forever is to be the ultimate destination for instrumental music lovers around the world. The station aims to provide high-quality instrumental music that suits every taste and mood. It also aims to promote instrumental music as a valuable and enjoyable form of art and entertainment. The station hopes to attract more listeners and supporters who share the same passion for instrumental music.

Instrumentals Forever love to play only the greatest instrumentals from different eras and genres. The station strives to offer a diverse and balanced selection of instrumental music that covers various styles and influences. It also strives to discover new talents and trends in instrumental music and introduce them to the listeners. The station also strives to educate and inform the listeners about the history and background of instrumental music.


Instrumentals Forever has a positive impact on the instrumental music scene and the listeners. The station provides a platform for instrumental music artists to showcase their work and reach a wider audience. It’s like a service for instrumental music fans to enjoy their favorite music and discover new one. The station also provides a source of inspiration and relaxation for the listeners who appreciate the beauty and diversity of instrumental music.



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